About Corrugated Board Packaging Boxes

There are single corrugated single wall, corrugated double wall, triple corrugated triple wall, etc. The first two are commonly used.

Corrugated base paper, core paper, and cardboard are used for fluting, bonding, drying, slitting, printing, indentation score, slotting slotting, nailing stitching, or sticky box joint. Paper packaging containers made by multiple processes such as stuck.

In the production of corrugated boxes, low-gram paper is generally used as the core paper, and high-gram paper is used as the face or inner paper. The main direction of future development is low-weight, high-strength, lightweight corrugated box products. 

Its strength subjected to each parts gsm weight, the surface paper, core paper(wave), the inner paper. the main important part is core paper.

Generally, using 250gsm CCNB, 300GSM CCNB, 250 SBS, 300SBS, 250gsm kraft, 300gsm kraft as a surface paper.  when the wave is big, you can use B flute, when you hold 1lbs to 5lbs, you can use E flute. E flute is more common. if you need more tough carton for shipping use, you can choose B flute, but it is wider wave, not so beautiful like E flute, F flute.

however, when you tell us your product weight, then we can suggest a reasonable corrugated board packaging solution for you.