Nowadays, people's requirements for living standards are getting higher and higher. Fashionable, convenient, simple but not rude gift box packaging has gradually entered our sight and is loved by people. All kinds of boutique gift box packaging make people overwhelmed. Today, I will introduce several common gift box forms for you, let's take a look!

01-Socket type box

This box type is printed on white cardboard, and it can be folded after the beer is shaped. Simple in shape and simple in craftsmanship. Generally used for inner boxes and simple gift boxes, the price is low.

02-Window box type

This box type is generally composed of two materials, namely cardboard printing and transparent materials. This design is convenient for us to display the product more intuitively in front of us and increase the credibility of the product. It is generally used in the packaging of food, toys and earphones.


It consists of two parts, the inner pocket and the box cover. The box cover has openings on both sides, which are connected.

04-The box type of the heaven and earth cover

This kind of gift box can be divided into a conjoined heaven and earth cover (which is composed of two upper and lower covers, bottoms, branches, back joints, ribbons, etc.). Tiandi cover is composed of upper cover and lower cover, branch opening, etc. It is generally used for food gift box packaging, health care product gift box packaging, tea gift box packaging, etc. It has a relatively wide range of uses, but the process is relatively complex.

05-Book Box

It consists of a panel and a bottom box. The size of the gift box is determined according to the size of our products. It is relatively simple, but has a wide range of uses.

06-Double flip box type

This gift box is composed of a large bottom box, two small bottom boxes, and two covers. The required process is relatively complex and applicable to a relatively wide range, which is part of the gift box packaging.

07-Drawer box type

This kind of packaging is similar to the shape of a drawer, the cover and the box body have a two-layer structure that can be removed, the structure is firm, and it is not easy to be damaged. It can be divided into high-grade and low-grade.

08-Folding Box

It consists of two parts, leather case and baffle. Pay attention to the size of this type of box. The height of the box cannot be greater than half of the length or width. The feature is that it can be placed flat, saving transportation space